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myBlueprint follows a comprehensive education and career planning process that meets the learning needs, interests, and aspirations of all students. Students explore their opportunities in school, the community, or in post-secondary, and the world of work, rooted in their own self-knowledge.

myBlueprint for SD23

Log into myBlueprint

  1. Visit

  2. Click School Account Login 

  3. Sign in with your SD23 credentials (

  4. Complete the account creation form (if you haven’t already)

Teacher Resources

  1. Getting Started Guides

  2. Curriculum Packages

  3. Examples

  4. Lesson Plans

SD23 Support

Put in a tech request if myblueprint let's you know that your students account can't be found.

Getting Started Guide for Teachers

  • Explore student demo accounts

  • Explore teacher demo accounts

Need Help Logging in?

myBlueprint uploads directly from myEd. If a student is new to a school there may be a few days delay.​

Contact myblueprint: 1-888-901-5505

French Resources

Students can log in and select French and they can complete the quizzes, the tasks and research all in French. 

French Resources for Educators:

  1. Support>Resources>Education Planner

  2. Select British Columbia as your Province and Language as French.

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