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DAS Student Application


Two Recommendations (20 points) 

Application Questions (20 points)

Interview/Demonstration (60 points)

Recommendations (20 points)


Each District Award Scholarship applicant MUST select two adults to privately complete this Electronic Statement of Recommendation. These adults must be associated with School District No.23 and should be teachers, coaches, dual-credit instructors, administrators, or counsellors.

One Statement of Recommendation must be from an adult who is involved and knowledgeable in the chosen achievement area that the student has selected to demonstrate in their application.

#1 - 10 points

”Your Elevator Pitch” Why would you be a good District Authority Scholarship candidate? Be clear and concise. Convince the committee that you are worthy of this scholarship.

200 words max

#2 - 20 points

The connections between excellence in your chosen area and your career goal.


Specifically address how your skills, experiences and passion within this chosen area match your career goal. Provide evidence of your skill in your chosen area; you can do this by highlighting your work in this area, any contributions/collaborations you have made, or leadership roles you have taken on. You could also spotlight any related extra-curricular activities that you are involved in. Remember, you are highlighting and interpreting your resume, not repeating it.

200 words max

#3 - 20 points

Briefly describe how you are going to showcase/demonstrate your skill.

200 words max

#4 - 10 points

Connection between your area of excellence and Core Competencies. 200 words max

The Core Competencies are the building blocks of a well-rounded student. Both your school work and your personal experiences have helped to build these competencies. Your understanding of your own growth in these areas helps to develop your senses of identity, pride and accomplishment.
Select ONE of the Core Competencies (Communication, Thinking, or Personal and Social) and address the following questions:

Share the Core Competency that you selected and describe how it has helped you develop your excellence in your chosen area.
“I want you to notice……..”
“I could challenge myself to go beyond next time by…..”


An interview presentation with a skill demonstration is the major focus of the application process. Each student will be assessed by presenting a Video, Performance, Demonstration, or Portfolio. While, students may select a presentation format that best suits their personality and skills, the presentation must be made in front of a Scholarship panel. Students must connect with the District Authority Scholarship Chairperson at their school to book a time for their interview presentation.

Check with your Career Centre for the date that your application must be complete.

Application Questions (20 points)

Presentation (60 points)

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