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District/Authority Scholarship Guidelines

The District Authority Scholarships reward graduating BC students for excellence in their chosen area of skill and or passion. A student who wins a District Authority Scholarship will be mailed a congratulatory letter, a certificate and a voucher for $1250 from the Ministry of Education (around December). This voucher can be redeemed when the student is registered and attending a designated post-secondary institution or an authorized trades training provider, and is valid for a period of up to FIVE years.

Students must be nominated at their school.  See your Career Centre for more information.

District Award Scholarships will be distributed to selected graduating students who excel in, and plan to pursue a career in any of the following skill areas:


DAS Ministry Requirements

The District/Authority scholarship is awarded to 5,500 high school graduates who have demonstrated excellence in their chosen area.

SD23 Information for Staff

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SD23 DAS Log-on

Use your SD23 Network Login

Student App Information

Overview of the application.

How to Redeem Voucher

Students have five years to redeem their District/Authority scholarship vouchers; an expiry date is printed on each voucher and extensions are not possible.  

Missing Voucher

The request must come from the student and not the District – here is the form. 

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