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Work Experience (WEX) 12A & 12B

WEX 12 A (4 credits) &12B (4 credits) give students the opportunity to participate in, observe, and learn about the tasks and responsibilities related to an occupation or career. In conjunction with Career-Life Education and Career-Life Connections, work experience helps prepare students for the transition from secondary school to the world of work, for further education and training, or for other postgraduation opportunities. In WEX 12A and 12B, students learn about and experience the workplace and are provided with a frame of reference within which to review or revise their career-life development goals.  

Ministry Guide

This program guide sets out the requirements and standards for Work Experience 12A and 12B and is intended to support school district staff in meeting the requirements for Ministry of Education-authorized Work Experience (WEX) courses. 

Interesting in WEX?

Students interested in registering for WEX should see their Career Centre.

WorkSafeBC Coverage

WorkSafeBC coverage for any paid work experience must be provided by the employer and will not be provided by the District. For paid employment, please ensure the employer is in good standing with WorkSafeBC. 


SD23 Work Experience Placement Agreement needs to be filled out for Unpaid Placements.

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