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Learning requires exploration of one's identity.
~ First Peoples Principles of Learning

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Source: Future of Jobs Report 2020, World Economic Forum.

What makes a good skills showcase?

As a result your academic learning, personal experiences, and extracurricular activities you have developed a unique skill set that is evident in everything that you do.  A quality skills showcase clearly demonstrates the skills and knowledge that you have developed through your learning journey thus far. You want to show that you can think creatively and critically about your skill set and apply them in all aspects of your life.  When you are contemplating which skills to highlight, as we know you have many, think about the skills that connect to your passions, interests or your career possibilities. Consider how you might demonstrate these skills in a real-life context so that your audience can see your skills in action.  You will showcase your skills and discuss how you will utilize these skills as you explore your career pathway. This process should be empowering: you will have the opportunity to share, in a very real way, all the skills and competencies you have developed that will enable you to successfully navigate your amazing future.  

A quality skills showcase must include the following aspects:
  • Sharing the skills that you have acquired (e.g. a physical demonstration of the skills, an artifact from your experiences that you can use as a talking point, etc.)

  • Reflecting on how you will use these skills as you transition from high school.

  • Connecting these skills to your career and educational exploration.

Success Criteria:
  • I can talk about my skills easily.

  • I can explain how I acquired these skills.

  • I can provide a powerful example(s) to reveal a comprehensive picture of my skills and how I use them in the various things that I do.

  • I can provide relevant and accurate evidence to create a demonstration of my skills.

  • My skills showcase follows a logical sequence of thoughts and ideas.

  • My skills showcase connects appropriate content to the overarching theme.

  • My skills showcase demonstrates the skills and knowledge that I have acquired.

  • My skills showcase includes compelling features to engage the audience.

  • My skills showcase connects to my career pathway exploration.

​How do I share my skills showcase?

Firstly, in your Career class you will share your skills on your eportfolio or an in-class presentation.  As part of this course, you will have opportunities to:

  • Demonstrate your skills in written, audio, visual, or video format.

  • Evaluate and include relevant images/videos to support your skills showcase.

  • Receive informal and formal feedback from your peers and teachers.

Finally, you will demonstrate your skills showcase as part of your Professional Presentation and Conversation during the Capstone Presentation in Grade 12.

How will my skills showcase be assessed? Learning Maps

Learning maps are used to guide the process of learning; rubrics are for products. You can be at different levels of achievement within each box of the learning map, and you will move towards mastery as you progress with your learning. You will have opportunities to interact with the learning map regularly, to set goals, document your learning, and check in with your mentor/teacher to assess their progress.


Big Idea #2: Skills Showcase

You have learned and done so much throughout your K-12 schooling, and now is your time to shine and share it!  As you prepare to transition from high school, and you have already taken the time to articulate who you are becoming, it is equally important to uncover and share what you are able to do and how you do it.  The skills, knowledge, and competencies you have acquired and nurtured are what will enable you to be successful in your life beyond high school, whether that pathway for you is to post-secondary, employment, travel, or something amazing you haven’t yet imagined.  

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