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Graduation Ceremony



The Capstone is an opportunity for you to share and reflect on who you are in the process of becoming and as you transition from high school.  You will demonstrate that you are ready to graduate by sharing your most meaningful learning experiences, showcasing the skills and knowledge that you have acquired, and articulating how these skills will inform your career exploration and pathway as you transition from high school. Part of your journey will include working with a mentor to guide you both formally and informally through your career life exploration in preparation for the Capstone. The Capstone is a requirement for Career-Life Connections and for graduation.

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Core Competencies and the Capstone

Throughout your K-12 learning experiences, you have engaged in ongoing, purposeful, and meaningful reflection on your personal development of the core competencies.  As you prepare to transition from high school, the Capstone is the embodiment of, and final reflective component to your K – 12 learning experience.  In Grade 12 you have the opportunity to draw on your powerful learning experiences, core competencies and skill development and future career pathways in order to tell the story of who you are becoming. ​


Capstone Structure

Part 1: Personalized Learning Maps (Gr. 10-12)

The Capstone learning maps allow you to engage in and reflect on competency-based learning.  The three learning maps work together to help you create a comprehensive picture of who you are in the process of becoming as you transition from high school. Each learning map will allow you to determine which learning experiences have been most meaningful for you.  You will gather evidence and reflect on who you are, the skills that you have acquired, and how these relate to your career exploration and pathway. You will get ongoing, informal feedback through conferencing with your mentor, peers, and Career Life Connections teacher.

Big Idea #1: Learning Story

Career life decisions are influenced by your interests, accomplishments, passions, goals and challenges

Big Idea #2:Skills Showcase

Demonstrate the skills you have developed that will support your readiness to transition from high school.

Big Idea #3: Career Exploration & Pathway

Career pathways include exploration, planning, reflecting, and adapting.

Big Idea #4:Mentorship

Career life decisions are influenced by your interests, accomplishments, passions, goals and challenges

Part 2: Formal Presentation and Professional Conversation  (Gr. 12)

The culminating experience in your Capstone process is a formal presentation and professional conversation in your grade 12 year with community members, teachers and/or your mentor.

Your presentation will include all three learning maps:

  • Learning Story

  • Skills Showcase

  • Career Exploration and Pathway

​As this is a formal event hosted at your school, please treat this presentation as a potential employment or post-secondary interview. This involves dressing appropriately, ensuring that you make eye-contact with your panel and being fully prepared to present and discuss your learning maps.

Community members and teachers are looking forward to a compelling and engaging experience with you, so please bring any artifacts or visual supports that will enhance your presentation. During your presentation, panel members will ask questions to ensure that you are prepared for the presentation and to gain a deeper understanding of your reflections and transition plans.  The learning maps and the professional conversation are a requirement to graduate.

​Enjoy the process.  This is a reflection of who you are becoming and where you want to go, so have fun with it!

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