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Graduation Ceremony

Welcome to Career-Life Programs


Through educationexperiences, and exploration, Career-Life Programs supports each student to discover their unique skills and competencies as they transition towards a healthy and purposeful life.


Career development is one of three goals of B.C. education system. Career-Life Programs supports students through purposeful career-life development in the following areas:

  • Careers K-5

  • Careers 6-9

  • Careers 10-12

  • Capstone

  • Work Experience

  • District/Authority Scholarships

  • Board/Authority Courses


To help students connect their career life pathway with their individual talents and passions, Career- Life Programs offers:

  • Events & Conferences

  • Job Shadows

  • Spotlight Sessions

  • Take Our Kids to Work Day

  • Volunteer Opportunities & Project Placements

  • iGen Competition

Students should contact their school's Career Centre to find out more information about these opportunities.


There are many career planning resources to help students develop awareness of their personal strengths, competencies, values, passions, and use this self-knowledge to inform career-life choices. 

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